Spin Coater

Lux Meter(조도계)

On-Line Analyzer

O2 & CO2 Gas Analyzer (발효용 O2, CO2 측정기)

Quick Thermal Conductivity Meter (열 전도도 측정기)

Density Specific Gravity Meter (밀도 비중 측정기)

Air Purifier and Sterilizer (공기 정화 세균멸균기)

Heat Flow Meter (열 흐름 측정기)

Specific Conductivity Meter  (액 전기 전도도 측정기)

TOC Analyzer (Liquid Sample)

Karl/Fischer Moisture Titrator (K/F 수분 적정기)

Thermal Analyzer (열 물성 측정장치)

TOC & TN (Total Nitrogen) Analyzer

Automatic Potentiometric Titrator (자동 전위차 적정기)

무소음, 저소음 콤퓨레셔

Robotic Analyzers (Automation for BOD, COD, pH, EC, Turbidity, ISE, Titrations /전자동 수질 종합 분석기)

Automated Wet Chemistry Analyzer
   (전자동 습식 화학 분석기)

Mini Oilless Compressor (소형 콤퓨레셔)

Compact Color Meter(휴대용 비색계)

 Automatic Bio sampler

DC Compressor

Mercury(Hg) Analyzer(수은분석기)

TOC Analyzer (Liquid & Solid Sample)

Cleaning Machinert (고압세척기)

Green Leaf Area Meter(녹엽면적측정기)

TN & Protein Analyzer


Gross Meter(선명도측정기)

Fluorescence Analyzer




Robotic Analyzers (Automation for BOD,COD,pH,EC,Turbidity,ISE,Titrations/전자동 수질 종합 분석기)


- Full automatic analyzer control
- User configurable application
- User configurable worksheet; report format, decimals, etc.
- Application calculations according to standard regulations, EPA, ISO, NEN, DIN ASTM, Standard Methods, etc.
- Password protection
- Storage of raw and calculated data, meeting GLP requirements
- Data exchange with LIMS
- Bar code reader


- BOD,  COD, Color,  Conductivity, Fluoride, PH, Turbidity, Titrations : CO2, Hardness, Alkalinity.



+ SP10 Compact Analyzer

Designed for low cost automation. Single probe operation with optional diluter and dosing pump allows this unit to automate tasks such as BOD, pH, EC, turbidity and ISE in small batches. Trays are customized to fit customer specific sample cups.

[ Robotic Analyzer (Model :  SP10/BODcompact ) ]

+ SP1000 Extended Analyzer

This analyzer allows an affordable and reliable way to automate high sample loads. With all the options, this unit can be coupled with multiple probes, diluters and dosing pumps. This allows higher sample throughput for the busy laboratory.

[ Robotic Analyzer (Model :  SP1000/SK ) ]

+ SP100 Flexible Analyzer

The proven concept for advanced laboratory applications. The flexible, modular robotic analyzer can be configured either for single or multiple applications. This system can be easily expanded to accommodate the growing needs of your laboratory.

[ Robotic Analyzer (Model : SP100) ]