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Multi-purpose Centrifuge(Air cooling, Refrigerated Type)
- Programmable Microprocessor 제어 시스템에 의한 자동조작.
- Program Parameter : Program No., Speed, Time, Acceleration, Breaking rates. Temp.등
사용자가 요구하는 다양한 Program을 소화.
- Sample의 Heating을 방지하기 위한 Ventilation System(Air cooling type).
- 경제적인 가격대.
- 다양한 Accessories의 교환으로 용량을 변화할 수 있다.
- 강력하고 조용한 Induction Motor 채용.





  Max. Capacity
Swing-out:4x200ml, Swing-out:30x15ml, Angle:24x1.5/2ml
  Speed Range (rpm)
Swing-out rotor:4100rpm, Angle rotor:14000rpm
  Max. RCF
Swing-out rotor:3045xg, Angle rotor:18405xg
  Temp. Range
Air cooling
-9℃ to 40℃
1 - 99min.
  Control Display
4 Digital program parameter
  No. of Program
  Acceleration / Braking
5 Acceleration / 5 Braking rates
  Internal Material
Stainless Steel
  Max. Power
  Power Supply
230V/115V, 50/60Hz
  Overall Size(mm)
455 x 545 x 400(WxDxH)
770 x 540 x 400(WxDxH)
  Safety system
Steel barrier ring, electronic imbalance detection, lid interlock, motor over temperature protection, rotor over speed protection
Optional Accessories for NF-800 / 800R

- RA-200 Swing out rotor, 용량:4 x 200ml, Max speed:4,100rpm, Max RCF:3,045 x g
S-09007 Set of 4 buckets(200ml) for RA-200.
S-09014 Set of 4 buckets with sealing cap(200ml)
A-08041 Set of 4 PP bottles with cap(200ml)
G-03008 Set of 4 Insert(1x100ml)
G-03006 Set of 4 Insert(1x50ml, conical)
G-03004 Set of 4 Insert(7x15ml)
G-03005 Set of 4 Insert(3x15ml, conical)
G-03003 Set of 4 Insert(7x5/7ml)

- RA-450 Angle rotor, 용량:30 x 15ml, Max speed:4,100rpm, Max RCF:3,007 x g
G-03009 Adaptor(1x5/7ml)
G-03012 Adaptor(1x1.5/2ml)

- RS-24 Angle rotor, 용량:24 x 1.5/2ml, Max speed:14,000rpm, Max RCF:18,405 x g
A-14005 Set of 24 adaptor(1x500/800㎕)
A-14006 Set of 24 adaptor(1x200㎕ PCR)
A-14007 Set of 24 adaptor(1x250/400/700㎕)