ũƮ భ ö ν ʼ ġ Spray Dryer Chloride Meter


ũƮ భ      ö ν      ʼ ġ      Spray Dryer     Chloride Meter

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Spray Dryer

: Laboratory Spray Dryer, Basic Laboratory Spray dryer

- , ⱸ µ, Air flow, Auto de-blocker frequency, Pumping speed LCD Digital ǥ.

- Jet ڵ վ ִ auto jet de-blocking system ġ .

- ȿ (AIR Blow System).

- ۾ Pump Speed  .

- RS232C ǥ Ͽ, Option Software PC, Datalogger Ͽ, Control
   Monitoring .

- Ҽ 99.99% ִ Filter .

- Oilless air compressor Ǿ ҿ ġ .

- Spray , и, , Ǵ ߿ Ǿ ȵǴ ǰ̳

   , ȭ ִ ǰ ΰ ȿҿ ׻ մϴ.

Model [SD-Basic Laboratory Scale Spray Dryer]

Model [SD-06 Laboratory Scale Spray Dryer]




Evaporation rate of water




All LCD Display

LED Display(Inlet, Outlet µ)

Air inlet Temp. range

40 to 250

40 to 200

Drying Air throughput

100 to 300 /hr

fixed 70 /hr

Heater capacity

3 kw

3 kw


Built-in 2.0/hr at 2.0bar


Sample feed range



jet de-blocking system

Automatic  Built-in

Manual ۵

Spray System

2 liquid nozzle

2 liquid nozzle

Spray/Hot air flow

Downward co-current

Downward co-current

Power supply

220/240V, 50/60Hz, 13A

220/240V, 50/60Hz, 13A

Dimension(H x W x D)

1110 x 825 x 600

1100 x 500 x 500

Weight (kg)

80 kg

60 kg

Complete Supply

All parts necessary for spray drying including blower, heater, microprocessor control with

RS485 interface,

exhaust temperature indicator, spray system with 0.5mm jet, spray atomizer compressor, auto jet de-blocking system with all glassware, tubing,

seals & clamps

blower, heater,

Inlet temperature controller, exhaust temperature indicator, spray system with 0.5mm jet, 

manual jet de-blocking system,

all glassware, -tubing,

seals & clamps


Option : Compressor

        (Min. 50L/min at 8 bar)


Standard and Large Main Chamber.

Exwhaust Wet Scrubber.

Stainless Steel Jet Assembly with Needles


MainSample Collection Bottle, Collection Tube, SVL Connectors with PTFE Seals and Counter Current Adaptor.

Cyclone and Chimney Extension (for use with large main chamber)